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Hello everyone!! I have a big announcement for everyone! While I would love the announcement to be along the lines of having more Remnants, unfortunately, it is the opposite. As of the end of this chapter, Remnants will be going on a hiatus. There are a variety of factors going into this decision such as that it is summer and my kids are taking up all of my creative energy right now and I have been having Photoshop and computer problems which is really slowing down my creative process. However, the biggest reason: My creative muse and motivation have completely dried up. I have been continually finding excuses to work on other things instead of this comic. I have been told over and over and over that if you are not liking what you are working on, neither will your audience so I am going to take that advice and work on something that is more awesome.

What does this mean for Remnants? Well, like I said above, Remnants will be going on a hiatus until I come up with something more substantial, solid and awesome than the current vague ideas floating through my mind. I will be calling these first three chapters the Prologue and see where the creative flow takes me from here.

I apologize for my creative delay on this. Thank you everyone for reading so far!! For updates on my creative process, check out my Deviant Art page:

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Track season is completed. It was a long season, but it was quite eventful. I had the priviledge of witnessing multiple records getting broken. I am, however, glad that the season is finished.

The one thing that I wish that we had for this past track season was more good weather. It wasn't in the cards for this year.