Plaid Spam


As it’s getting closer to November, I keep thinking about National Novel Writers Month and if I’m going to participate or not. I keep going back and forth on it. I really could use a good month of solid writing for Remnants to know exactly which direction the story is going, but I also have a completely different story bouncing around my head, just begging to get out. I don’t want to sit here giving excuses either of why I can’t do it, so I really need to just sit down and weigh my options of whether I am doing the project or not.

Mario Kart 64


First dusting of the year and it definitely looking like a rough winter. We will have to start getting ready for the winter.

On a unrelated note, we had one craft show last week and another next weekend. I have started working on a new item to sell. A plushie tri-force. We will see how it goes. The kids were having fun with it today.