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My daughter recently asked to play with the Maple Town play sets I used when I was a kid. Talk about having lots of fond memories flooding back. As we pulled the houses, furniture and dolls out of the boxes, I kept remembering all of the stories I made up with those characters, the pictures I drew and even the maps of the town I did. I can’t believe I still remember all the names, occupations and even the ages (that I made up, of course!) of most of the characters!! Now, it’s my daughter’s turn to start crafting her own stories for the characters. I’m pretty excited to listen to what she comes up with. :D

Ooops, I almost said I was done with the page and then realized that I hadn't put in the text on two of the panels!! That would have made for an awkward page.

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First dusting of the year and it definitely looking like a rough winter. We will have to start getting ready for the winter.

On a unrelated note, we had one craft show last week and another next weekend. I have started working on a new item to sell. A plushie tri-force. We will see how it goes. The kids were having fun with it today.