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A couple weeks ago, I had complained that I didn’t like where the chapter was going and that something else needed to happen, like some action or something. Ladywordsmith suggested having a snowball fight, and at the time, I just laughed it off as a silly idea. Well, here comes the snowballs! Lol :D

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Getting used to a new phone and how it handles calendar reminders. The old phone would keep the notification up front where you would see it everytime you opened the phone until you dismissed the notification. The new phone doesn't work that way. The problem is that I count on that notification to be a reminder to do things such as update the comic.

The above reason is why I missed last week and was late again this week. Combine that with my busy time at work and all sense of schedule and normality go out the window. I will work on getting a better system in place so that I can keep up with the update schedule once again.