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I thought this page would get done a lot faster than it did, but I lost my concentration somewhere along the way. Grrrr, I have to learn to keep a better eye on my concentration. It wanders off so easily!!

On my music player, I have a playlist labeled 'favorites', but recently, I've noticed that I just skip over certain songs. After I noticed that I constantly skipped over several songs, I took the time to go into the playlist and remove the music that aren't really my 'favorites' anymore. I haven't been skipping songs anymore. :D

Currently gaming: Tales of the Abyss


Things this week went smoother and we were able to catch up. next weekend is oing to be pretty crazy as well. We have at least 5 things coming up in 2 days with a possibility of 3 more during that time.

There is one thing for sure. The partial government shutdown will not affect the opperation of this site. We just have to rely on an easily distrated person, me.