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First time in a couple of months that I’ve gotten two pages done in one week! Whew! I willget back into this two page a week groove. I’ve got too much story bouncing around my head to slow this thing down to a once a week crawl. What has been helping lately is that the older children have gone back to school, and I have taken the time during my daughter’s sports activity to sketch out pages. There is a lot of motivation to get pages sketched when you have six to eight girls crowding around you during their water breaks to see how much further you have sketched. :D

I hope everyone doesn’t mind my awkward attempts at architecture lately. I have to figure out how to do buildings and such and the best way to do them is to keep drawing them.

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It has been a good week. The oldest competed in his first judged parade for band and the bad did really well. They took first in every category in their devision. Great job!

We are also getting into our bussiest weekend of the fall next weekend. We will survive and it will be fun, but we will see how long I can keep my eyes open on Sunday night.