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Begin new chapter!! Hopefully this one won’t be quite as long as the last chapter? That got really long for me and the break was well needed. We went on vacation and I did a convention selling my fuse beads during my break which was totally awesome. It was nice not to have to worry about comic for a few days. During the con though, things got really slowon Saturday and Sunday so I have quite a few sketches in the sketchbook which helped get my mind back in gear for drawing.

Enjoy the next chapter!! I was hoping to establish that Miara is a little older and not a ten year old kid anymore.

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Chapter 2 cover is up and we are back to our regular update schedule.

Things at work have really picked up, but I don't plan on being late like I was today. Things have to slow doen, right?

*entering shameless plug*

I will also be posting some of my work on the Fuse Beads Website as I have started making crocheted Mario Mushrooms and Pokeballs. Feel free to place orders with Purple if you are interested.

*exiting shameless plug*