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END OF CHAPTER!!! *throws glitter*

This has been the longest chapter I have ever done. I wish I could have planned it a little better to have a 45 page chapter, but oh well, I’m not changing stuff now. :D

On the comic end, I will be taking two weeks off to both take a small break and get things scripted and outlined for the next chapter. What I thought was an acceptable second chapter is already whispering to me that it could be reworked to be made into more awesomeness.

I’m also going back and forth on whether I should do a fun little page inbetween each chapter like I did for QFB….. Hmmmmmm….

What a great time to finish a chapter! The family and I are about to go on our summer vacation so this will be a fabulous break!

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This is the end of Chapter 1 and we will take a 2 week break to let Purple finalize what is happening in Chapter 2. The next update will be on 7.29.2013 with Chapter 2's cover page. The story will begin again on 7.31.2013.