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Photoshop ran slow for this page. Most of the page, I worked with only Photoshop open and it was still slow. I hope this isn’t an indication of a problem with the program or the laptop. *eeps*

Between sickness going around the family and the kids being off from school and babysitting my six month old nephew, I did not get two pages done this week. I know I have a buffer and everything, but I didn’t want to be using it this soon!!!

Is it bad that I’m looking at page number eighteen and wondering how I’m going to wrap up this chapter? It will only take two more pages to make my minimum requirement for chapter length. I keep going back and forth on whether I should combine the first two parts of what I wrote or separate them. Hmmm…. I have some pondering to do.

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I have had the pleasure with the beginning of the new track season to meet quite a few very nice people. I have been surprised to see how helpful everyone is and how professional people who are independent contractors like me are. It truely is a gentlemen's profession and I am proud to call myself an official.