Plaid Spam


Suddenly it’s starting to sink in that I’m really, really doing this webcomic. Really, really!! This isn’t a false start or a test run, I’m really doing it!

Lol, really can you blame me? God gave me the vague idea for this story way back in 2003 back when Spam and I were leaders of the church junior high youth group and Remnants was just a massive scavenger hunt at the time. The scavenger hunt was so fun and involved that the idea for a story started to blossom. I’ve written and drawn Remnants in various stages during the last 10 years now so it’s so amazing to me that it’s finally coming around now.

W00t!! I’m getting excited all over again about this story!!

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These last couple of days have been fun. It has been a great feeling just to let the kids go out and play at the new place. We haven't had to worry about the neighbors or the neighboring school taking exception to them playing out there. The kids have enjoyed their new yard.