Plaid Spam


Gah, I see so many errors on this page new that I've said it's done and I'm ready to send it to Spam.

So now I'm hovering between wanting to fix a myriad of little things on the page or just leave it be and move on towards the next page. I've got to keep moving though. I want to get back to doing two pages a week and I can't get two pages a week done if I'm spending days fixing all of my small mistakes.

Decisions, decisions.....

In convention news, the family and I have survived my first artist ally!! We got the money back that I paid for our table plus some extra so that was encouraging. All of my fellow vendors around me were so kind and helpful and for that I am greatful as well. Now I have to decide if this is something I want to pursue or if this is something that needs to wait. Our biggest stumble during the weekend was that our two year old was done long before the convention was.


First points race of the NASCAR Cup season and it was a good race. Congrats to Jimmy Johnson for the win and Danica Patrick for the 8th pace. I hope this this will be just one step for getting more of a diverse population driving cars at this level.

We will see how these Gen 6 cars react to the down force racing of the shorter tracks. It is going to be an interesting season.