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Welcome new readers and those who have been waiting patiently since the end of The Quest to Find Blueentity for the new webcomic to start!

Oh wow, here we go again, eh? Seriously, I can’t believe I’m starting another web comic! Either I’m crazy or I really like doing this stuff. Maybe a little of both?

The break after QFB has been nice but it’s also nice to get started on this new project. I expect Remnants to be much longer and more involved than QFB so if you’re joining us, be ready for a long ride. Remnants will also feature more darker elements than QFB, so if you’re expecting bright and fluffy, there will be plenty of bright and fluffy (seriously, just look at the BRIGHT YELLOW WALLS!! Lol), but be aware that there will be blood and nasties later on.

Whew…. Getting back into the groove is tougher than I thought though. I’m looking at my shading for this page and scratching my head thinking, “I can do better than this.”

And look, look at the date!! I got to use 12.12.12 on something!! *throws glitter*

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For the first time in a couple of years I have called in sick. I don't like doing that, but with the way that the winter has been, it is not surprising to be sick either. On the plus side, things at work slowed down yesterday when I was sick so I don't have to catch up to badly.