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It’s the end for the Mosaic and The Quest to Find Blueentity!! Their quest was successful so it’s on towards the next adventure for the family!

Holy snap, I finished this thing!!! *throws tons of glitter* This was the goal that I set so many years ago when I started this venture, that I would finish this project. I have pushed, struggling, clawed, created and learned SO much on this project. There are some really good pages and some really bad pages. There are good panels and cop out panels. There are characters I love to draw, there are characters that I was relieved when I didn’t have to draw them anymore, there are characters I wish I could have invested more into their design. There were times that I whipped pages out quickly and there were times that it took weeks to produce a single page. And I wouldn’t trade any of the above for anything. Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate all of the page hits, the comments, the e-mails and the friendships that have come from the project. Alison is now going to take a looooong break and figure out what she’s going to do next. I have a few ideas for another web comic bouncing around the brain (but not a sequel for QFB), so perhaps that’s something to look forward to in a couple of months. Thank you again for reading! *throws glitter* Currently reading: Rurouni Kenshin


Who whould have thought that a dare would turn into something so big? This 6 year experiment started as a dare and now the first story line that Purple has put into a web comic has come to an end.

I am very proud of my wife for what she has accomplished and how she has both grown as a person and an artist. Be prepared for the site to change in layout in the future. A new story may be coming to this website as soon as September.