Plaid Spam


I am so out of practice doing Argoyle. Soooooo very out of practice. Seriously, since when do I need to keep checking my old pages to make sure that I’m doing a main-ish character correctly? It hasn’t been THAT long since I stuck poor Argoyle in the mirror, was it?

I’m also struggling to get the page DONE! Gah….. I need to buckle down and put in some good work, but I am so utterly distracted by everything from watching anime to playing video games, to reading books and household chores. I told myself to stop getting distracted for this page and just sit down and DO it! My pep talk didn’t work so well…. It still took five days to get this page done. *fails*

Time change hit this week too, so the baby is just… unhappy. And overtired, but not sleeping because his body is telling him that everything is an hour off. Sketching between screams isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Currently watching: Fairy Tail episode 100


I only have one thing to say. Happy Chinese New Year!!