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I had put away several games because I felt like I was just level grinding on them. Don’t get me wrong, there are times where level grinding is fun, like when you just got a new spell or ability or you just found a new area and you’re exploring all of the new encounters. However, I’ve hit the, “Oh joy, I have to kill hundreds more monsters before I can even think of leveling up.” part in Wizard 101, Hello Kitty Online, Pokemon Red, Pokemon White and (I had thought), Tales of Symphonia. I broke out Tales of Symphonia again yesterday just to whack on some monsters and thought that maybe I should just push on in the story line and not worry about level grinding. It turns out that I was perfectly fine going through new areas and that I was simply level grinding just to make it to the next level. What a relief! I can enjoy Tales of Symphonia again!

Artwise here, this page was three weeks in the making! I wanted that first panel to look awesome! I ended up researching in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle for cool looking swirls and twirls, but I like how they look here. And poor Imagekā€¦ I sketched him and then ended up re-vamping him entirely in Photoshop.

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It's Monday Isn't

The last couple of weeks I have quite literally forgot that it was Monday. At least I am closer to Monday than last week. I will try to get on a regular schedule again for next week.

I just wish I had a regular schedule of things again. I will try to work out something where I don't miss updates. Wish me luck. I may need it. ;)