Plaid Spam


I had originally started to sketch this page at Pink’s house, but the images just weren’t coming. I was just staring at my blank paper, hoping something would come. I knew what had to happen on this page, I just couldn’t visualize it. Then, I was sitting in a juror’s selection room (jury duty calls!) and the whole thing suddenly materialized in my head. I hope I didn’t look too goofy in the juror’s room trying to sketch everything in. I had so many ideas that I continued sketching the next page too! W00t for finally getting inspired!

In other news, the toddler let me finish this one while he played by himself! Hooray, hooray!!

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It's Monday Isn't

The last couple of weeks I have quite literally forgot that it was Monday. At least I am closer to Monday than last week. I will try to get on a regular schedule again for next week.

I just wish I had a regular schedule of things again. I will try to work out something where I don't miss updates. Wish me luck. I may need it. ;)