*gasping* Could it be? It is really? IT'S BLUE!!!!! *happy dancing and throwing glitter*

It's only the second time I've done Blue in color and I still feel like I'm figuring out all of his quirks. Chapter 14 starts in two weeks but for now, please enjoy a brief glimpse of Blueentity! Next week we'll be taking off for the holiday and because we're having a huge joint birthday party for myself and my oldest son next week. See everyone in June!





First day of break and the day hasn't been to relaxing. Optional practice, fridge and freezer cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry. That's ok. Breaks are for catching up on what you haven't been able to do during a normal week.

On a more relaxing note, I did get to play on a game system for about 45 minutes. It was a relaxing experience.