When my nieces and nephews read this gag page, they all laughed and then two of them asked, “Have people really said that Imagek is modeled after Edward Elric?”

Unfortunately, my older brother took the brunt of that rant from the second panel in real life. He happened to be one person too many who had commented after Imagek’s debut that, “He’s just a taller, darker skinned version of Edward!” *sorry Blue!!!* But what I also said in the second panel is true: I had created Imagek well before even knowing of the existence of Fullmetal Alchemist! Quite honestly, he was put in red because the rest of the mains were not in red. And the clapping of the hands? I have sketches in old art journals of Imagek dating back in 07, (I discovered FMA in '08) clapping to do his magic.

When I started planned for this On the Set page, I had so many ideas going through my head that could have become the page that I made a poll on my Deviant Art account to see what others wanted. This idea won but I still have other’s bouncing in my head that would make good ideas for On the Set pages in the future.

I went with a simpler look for this page because I suddenly have a lot of art projects and idea piling up!!! *runs away from the towering mountain of art projects and ideas*

We’ll be taking two weeks off here on the sight for the sanity of the artist but I’ll have Spam put up cool stuff during the in between time!

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First day of break and the day hasn't been to relaxing. Optional practice, fridge and freezer cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry. That's ok. Breaks are for catching up on what you haven't been able to do during a normal week.

On a more relaxing note, I did get to play on a game system for about 45 minutes. It was a relaxing experience.