It’s the end of the chapter!! W00t!!

You know, I kept thinking that this had been the longest chapter since chapter 1, but I wanted to check my chapters to make sure before I wrote that statement here on the rant. I thought that since I usually aim for 19-20 pages per chapter that most of my chapters had about 20 pages. When I went back and counted, I was surprised to find out that the majority of my chapters have about 24ish pages. A nice surprise.

Speaking of chapters, I’m pretty sure that there is only one, perhaps two chapters of QFB left. Or one chapter and an epilogue, whichever direction the story takes me. I can’t believe we’re so close to the end!

As for end of chapter announcements, hopefully we’ll have an On the Set page up for you next week (as of writing this rant, I don’t have a clue what the On the Set page will be) and then we will be taking two weeks off for the sanity of the artist. :)

Thank you for reading!!

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First day of break and the day hasn't been to relaxing. Optional practice, fridge and freezer cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry. That's ok. Breaks are for catching up on what you haven't been able to do during a normal week.

On a more relaxing note, I did get to play on a game system for about 45 minutes. It was a relaxing experience.