I’ve had the ideas for the last couple of pages scribbled in a sketch book for over three years now. There is something immensely satisfying about being able to FINALLY do these pages.

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In other news, we're holding our first contest here at The Quest to Find Blueentity!!!! The contest is:

Design a Costume for Pinkentity!

For months now, I have been trying to design an outfit that Pink wears under her robe, but I have failed time and time again. The designs either do not work for Pinkentity, or they look goofy, or it’s a recycled costume that I have used on another character.

Sooooo, I'm opening this up for all of YOU! I would like you to design a costume for Pinkentity!

Contest rules and requirements:

Costume design MUST be YOURS! Please do not send me a costume from another character.

Costume design MUST be modest. I am NOT looking for bikinis or suggestive clothing. Try to keep your costume in a PG or lower range. I have kids that read my comic, so please don’t design something that I would be embarrassed to show my son and daughter.

The costume must be able to be worn underneath Pink’s robe. For example, clothing with a high neckline or hoop skirts wouldn’t work.

Your costume does not have to be colored, but your line art should be clean No messy sketches please.

If you color your costume, please keep with a pink theme. The whole thing does not have to be pink, but the majority must be some shade of pink.

There is a limit of TWO entries per person.

Contest will end on December 20th, 2010. That gives you roughly a month to work on your entry.

There are two ways to enter the contest:

For those on Deviant Art: Send me a note with a link to your completed costume with ‘Pinkentity Contest’ in the subject line.

For those not on Deviant Art: Send me an e-mail with either a link to your entry, or with your entry attached and ‘Pinkentity Contest’ in the subject line to purplefire at ardentflame dot com.

Contest Prizes!

Because what is a contest, without prizes!! Here are the fabulous prizes that will go to the winner of this contest!

Your costume will be featured the comic either by an On the Set page or on a regular comic page.

A full colored art request from me.

If you are a Deviant Art member, a journal feature!


I will choose the winner based on which costume appeals the most to me. Entries will also be shown to my sister-in-law, who Pinkentity is named after. Her input will also play a large role in deciding who is the winner.

Have fun! *throws glitter*

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The next chapter will start on 11/08/10 which is the day before my first basketball game for the season. Gotta love being a coach. The preparation is tedious, but the competitions are fun.