Let the new chapter begin!

I’ve been fretting and fretting about this chapter. Seriously fretting. I have no idea how to do awesome action sequences, or cool fight scenes, so what the heck am I thinking trying to do a big boss battle type of thing?

Then I suddenly, I had the idea of how to start this monster chapter. And the ideas just kept coming! I have the first four pages of this chapter sketched, with a fifth partially sketched and the ideas for the next two or three pages after that. Yea!! The only problem with having lots of pages sketched is that I have lots of inking and coloring to do. I think I can handle that. *grins*

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The next chapter will start on 11/08/10 which is the day before my first basketball game for the season. Gotta love being a coach. The preparation is tedious, but the competitions are fun.