Chapter 12 is FINISHED! Oh my goodness, it felt like this chapter took forever, but that’s probably because I dropped to doing one update a week.

Afoi aoijfaij aoief jaoif jao *spazz* Imagek!!!! *spazzes more* He took so LONG to come to me visually. I have scribbles in an old journal from three years ago of Imagek but he just didn’t look quite right. And I’ve been trying to get him right ever since, trying everything from making him older, younger, long hair, short hair, dark hair, light hair, dressing him in robes, dressing him in a trench coat, making him tall, making him short, etc. About a week ago, he finally decided to show his face. It’s a good thing too, because I was starting to hit panic buttons.

So, it’s time for the end of the chapter updates! As usual, we’ll be taking a couple of weeks off so that I can plan my next chapter. Eeps, the next chapter is going to be tough......

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Summer is winding down which means the stress of the next school year is starting to ramp up. I look forward to new school years, but it is also a stressful time because you never know what the new year will bring.