It must be time for a rambling rant… lol

~It’s getting closer and closer to the birth of the new little one! I’ve been so tired though, that I’m trying to gauge whether or not to go on maternity leave before the baby is born or wait until after. (Just so everyone knows, I write my rants when I make the pages and I was trying to work ahead of schedule. This page was done back in early June, so the little one had not arrived yet. Yes, our new one is here, but I just wanted to keep the original rant. *grins*)

~My birthday was yesterday! Which tells you when this page was actually worked on. *winks*

~My favorite coffee shop has been closed down which is sad for me. I was looking forward to taking an afternoon or two during the summer to work on a page over there.

~This page is taking forever to get done.....

Currently watching: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 1


The update schedule should continue as normal for a while. Purplefire and Mokona are doing well and Mokona is adjusting to his bother Dash and sister Chibi Sakara. The days are starting to meld together for me with the new addition. It is all worth it, though.