Warning! Purplefire is about to get out a soap box and have a long rant. Proceed with caution!

*drags out purple sparkly soapbox*

Yesterday, I was offended. Completely and utterly offended. Not at my family or at something my children did, or something someone said about my children, but at a comment that was made about my artwork. Apparently, I’m still a beginner at art.


I quite understand that I have a lot of learn, and I am most willing to accept that I have areas of improvement. But to classify what I am doing right now as ‘beginner’ art is something that I’m having a hard time swallowing. I’ve gone looked through my pieces, compared to where I was a year ago, two years ago, and even moving to ten years ago to the stuff I produced as an art major at college and there is most definitely a lot of improvement that I have made over the years. I do not believe that I am a ‘beginning’ artist by any stretch of the imagination. I have climbed and struggled and pushed forward far too much to even consider the possibility that I am just a beginner.

*end rant*

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Things have finally slowed down. Now prep starts for next year. It was a fun year for me over all. I had the pleasure of teaching the same thing all day in the same room all day. I also didn't have to fight with technological issues every day or better yet the distraught users that are also involved with those issues. I feel more confident in teaching the subject matter that I taught last year and am already in the process of updating the way that I teach the lessons. The only technology that I had in my room besides the TV and VHS/DVD combo in my room was the over head projector. I am now working on changing the transparencies over to PowerPoint Presentations because I was able to "commandeer" a LCD projector for next year. I think that the kids will like this more. Not as good as a SmartBoard, but I am still waiting for that one. With the finances that our government currently has, I'll take my victories where I can.