It really shouldn’t take five days to do one comic....

And Lawrence was not cooperating with me in that last panel. He looks better than when he first started, but he still looks off. *growls*

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During the holidays, I had mentioned that we would have to be updating the comic once a week due to the busy schedule that we keep during that time. While that is true, we also had another factor that contributed to the once per week schedule. This factor will keep us at once a week updates until further notice or until the new baby that we are expecting will actually allow us to increase the update schedule.

To clarify... Yes. Purplefire is pregnant and the due date is in July. *SQUEE!!!!!* Purplefire and I are both excited with the prospect of the new addition to our family. This does, however, throw a small wrench in the update schedule of the comic, but we will do the best that we can to ensure the quality that has been associated with QFB till this point.

I know that I sound formal, but that is due to me listening to a psychologist talk to a bunch of professionals all morning, and I still haven't recovered from the experience.

Thank you for your patience.