I have put a LOT of manga on hold through my library’s interlibrary loan system. I have put so many on hold at this point that the library knows my phone number by memory and they start grabbing books off the hold shelf as soon as I walk in the doors. I am convinced that whenever a volume 1 of a manga comes in for me, the librarians all give out a collective groan of ‘Great, how long is this series?’ *grins*

Currently Watching: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 10



First, I want to thank everyone who keeps up with Purple's web comic. We are getting hits daily, and it is awesome to see. Thank you all for your loyalty and your support.

Secondly, I want to let everyone know that the pages may start to change a little in looks only. Please pardon our dust during this time.

That leads me to my third point. With the changing of the pages will come a major change. We will be shutting down the forums. You will start to see the forum link begin to dissapear from some of the pages. We will officially shut the forum down on August 1st. If you want to keep in touch with Purple or myself, you may email us. The reason that we are shutting down the forums for right now is due to the fact that they are not being used that often. We may entertain opening up the forums again at a later date. That decision will be ultimately up to those who read this comic and want us to get the forums back up and running again.

This change only relates to the forums. We will continue to check our emails and update the comic on a mostly regular basis. Please keep reading the comic and enjoy the story that Purplefire has made for us.