Who expected bunnies? Seriously? Lol...

200!!!! Gah, I can’t believe I just finished comic 200!!!! It seems a little surreal to me right now that I’ve reached so high of a number.

This one was a beast to come around. Most of this comic was done digitally which made it a bit more difficult than most other comics I have done. I actually had half of this one sketched before I nixed half of what I had and started again. That was frustrating. Although, doing the bunnies were fun. A lot of fun! I asked the family to bring me all of their bunnies for reference and started sketching stuffed bunnies. My son is so proud that his bunny made it into the comic, which he has pointed out every time he looks at this page.

Currently reading: Wait, what am I reading right now? I believe I have a list right now: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Volume 11, Tales of Versperia Chapter 5, Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 11, Bleach Volume 25, Shonen Jump March 2009… Gah!! I’ve got to finish one of these!





Yeah for 200!!!! Congratulations Purple on 200!!!

We have started posting our older chapters on a new project called Kidjutsu. Chapter 2 is up now, here.