I did a couple of things different for the comic this time around, which meant that I kept forgetting things that should be done in the comic. For example, I said to myself, “The comic is done!” and then looked closer at the page and realized that I had completely forgotten to do any backgrounds. Then, once I put in the sky and clouds, I once again declared the comic done only to see that I had missed doing everyone’s hair. I was feeling a bit less confident the next time I thought I had the comic done and sure enough, I had missed putting in the panel lines. I think the comic is finally done this time? lol

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Yea for getting time to work on Purple's website during the day time!! I do have to warn everyone, however, that the pages may start being updated with even less consistency due to track season starting up again for the year soon. I'll do my best to get the updates up on time.

We have started posting our older chapters on a new project called Kidjutsu. Chapter 2 is up now, here.

Have a good Wednesday.