A new chapter!!! W00000t!! This chapter should wrap up the Green Stone arc, but who knows? I’m still putting in all of the fine details so this might be longer than I anticipate. *sweatdrop* All in all though, I’m excited for this chapter! Hooray, hooray! *throws glitter*

And I must do a gushing rant:

I LOVE playing Tales of the Abyss!!! It’s been hard to wrap my mind around a comic lately because I want to know what happens in the game. I’m pretty close to finishing off the game, so in probably another 10-20 hours of game play, I’ll have finished the main story line. *can’t wait to go play again*

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A New Chapter Begins

We are back and updating regularly. I do have to say that Purple has been working during this two week break and now it is up to me to not forget to update the ones that she already sent me.

Have a good Wednesday.