I am a very easily distractable person. So, when I work on the comic, I know that it’s unrealistic for me to keep working on a page straight from sketch to finished product. As a counter for my distractableness, I usually do the sketch then put the page away. Then I will do the line art and walk away. Same again for coloring and shading. Usually, I’ll watch an episode of anime or read a chapter in a book. Today, it backfired on me. I felt that I was doing well, I got all of the line art done plus the initial color splash. I happily sat down with a manga and told myself that after one chapter, it would be back to the comic. Most manga chapters run about 19-25 pages (Bleach, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, most of the weekly released mangas) and if you are really lucky, you’ll hit a manga that puts over 30 pages per chapter (Fullmetal Alchemist which updates once a month, therefore it has longer chapters)

Well, today, I picked up a new manga and settled in to read about 20 pages. 30 pages into the chapter, I felt happy that I picked up a manga that had a longer chapter. At page 50, was really marveling at how long the chapter was and how well the pages were drawn. By page 71, I stopped and checked how long this chapter would be. My jaw dropped when I saw that the chapter had 125 pages. Needless to say, I left off at page 71 and went back to working on the comic. Now that I’m done though, I can finish the chapter! Yea!!!

Currently Reading: Tagami Bachi Chapter 1






Happy New Years!!!

A new year will be coming up in the horizon of the morning and with it, a new set of opportunities follows. Who knows what all of this will amount to, but it will be quite a ride as it is every other time that a new year comes up. I do hope, however, that things will slow down a little, but I do not hold much hope for that. I do wish that everyone will have a healthy and happy new year. May the new experiences be good for you!!!