I…. Finished….. My…… Goal….. For….. October!!

I can’t believe that I stuck with it all month. There were days that I got really close to failing the goal I set for myself, but I made it! I sketched or inked and colored a page five days a week every week this month. I sat down last night and counted the pages that I had done for the chapter (16 already!! Woohoo! Yes, that’s counting two more after this page) and then I counted how many completed pages since the beginning of the month: 13!! W00t!

I learned a lot this month with the comic, such as that if I was going to pump these things out with any sort of speed, my paneling needed to be simpler. I also learned how to sketch and ink these things faster. I also learned towards the end, that it is ok to scribble down a panel, then go read some manga or a book, then scribble down another panel or two and then go read. That actually made things a lot less stressful.

I pushed and scratched and clawed and scraped and made it to the end of the month!! A great big W00T coming from Purplefire here!

Currently Reading: Eyeshield21 Volume 2







I am getting tired of saying sorry for the late comic. Once again, I find myself saying it. I'll try to do better from here on.

Have a good Thursday.