There are certain things (mostly superficial) that I do not like about my main characters. For example, I cannot stand Purplefire’s boots. I hate them. I’ve been trying to devise a plan to ruin them so that she needs to get a new pair of boots. Pinkentity, I don’t like her robe anymore, for the most part because I don’t know how to put wrinkles and folds in it. Crystalorange, I don’t like her bangs. I get tired of counting each piece. Yes, that’s right, Crystalorange has the same number of pieces in her bangs every time you see her, unless she is in profile or chibi.

And then there is Spam. I hate his beard. It’s so hard to work with his mouth because the beard keeps getting in the way. How am I supposed to work with such cramped drawing conditions? Beware Spam….. I keep threatening to give you a shave!

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You can blame me...

...for the late comic. I have been buried in work and classes this week. I still haven't finished a paper which is due tomorrow. In fact, I haven't even started it. Talk about putting myself between a rock and a hard place. Oh well, I cannot complain too hard. After all, it is my own fault. I didn't pace myself very well this time.

Well, I am off to my paper. Have a good weekend.