For some reason, I did this whole comic in the wrong size without knowing it. It was all right for most of the page, but the font size was off when I tried to put in the text. I had no idea why 12 point font was suddenly so big!! And why 7 point font seemed to be the correct size. I figured it out when I resized the comic for the web page. Note to self: When the font looks completely off, check the size of the file.

Hee hee, I like Fero’s expression in the last panel.

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You can blame me...

...for the late comic. I have been buried in work and classes this week. I still haven't finished a paper which is due tomorrow. In fact, I haven't even started it. Talk about putting myself between a rock and a hard place. Oh well, I cannot complain too hard. After all, it is my own fault. I didn't pace myself very well this time.

Well, I am off to my paper. Have a good weekend.