Hey, I have a comic without any words again! I haven’t done that since comic #28!!

Recently, I have been going back 100 comics from my current page just to see what my art looked like. Let’s see here, comic #66 is title Kleptin and has one of the best upwards shots I have ever tried to do, so that was a good thing. Lol, I was still drawing every stroke of Spam’s beard, which I would make forgo in just two comics time. Exotica and Indigo are on the page too! We haven’t seen those two in quite a long time.

And now please allow me to give a little squee.

SQUEE!!! Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories has been announced for a North American release on the PS2, coming out December 2nd, 2008!!!! Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!! I could never get the hang of the game on the Nintendo DS system so this is fabulous! I believe that most of the original voice cast is returning as well. *Tucking away money for the December release*

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You can blame me...

...for the late comic. I have been buried in work and classes this week. I still haven't finished a paper which is due tomorrow. In fact, I haven't even started it. Talk about putting myself between a rock and a hard place. Oh well, I cannot complain too hard. After all, it is my own fault. I didn't pace myself very well this time.

Well, I am off to my paper. Have a good weekend.