I actually thought of putting this page second in the chapter instead of first, like you see in mangas. But, after looking at my first page for the chapter and this page for awhile, it still seemed best to put the chapter cover first and then start the official pages.

I've had this picture drawn since early May. May!!! I knew it would be a complicated picture to do which is why it sat collecting dust on my hard drive for awhile. Back in May, I did not feel that I had the skills to accomplish what I wanted in the picture. Do I have the skills now? *looking at picture and pondering* Not completely yet, but I'm getting there. Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!

Chapter 7 pages are coming on Friday!!! Woohoo!!!

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So much for 2 rants in a row!

I thought that I was actually going to turn it around and get rants in more often. Well, that didn't happen. I hate it when real life hits you. I am currently taking 2 classes as well as working full time, starting to work out 2 times a week, and try to keep the family happy. It seems to be a little more work than I had expected. I'll get through it just like everything else.

Have a good time till the next time I rant. Wish me luck on not loosing all of my hair in the meantime!!!