Yea!!! Another comic done!!! I was sick this week so this comic seemed to take longer than it should have.

I did most of this comic at my brother’s house with any number of nieces and nephews as an audience, which was fun. It was a lot of fun explaining what I was doing and why I had things set up the way I did. Also, the compliments of how good I was as an artist were a huge perk. :)

Spam and I are hoping to go to a manga/anime event at a local book store next week and there’s a cosplay contest! At this point, both Spam and I are madly working on getting a cosplay outfit read for me. Yea! I am hoping to go as Lavi Bookman from D.Gray-Man. We are currently working on his orange scarf and hair band. Wish us luck!

Since everyone is doing their back to school scramble this week, this will be the only update this week. Thank you for your patience!

Currently reading: Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 16








2 Rants in a row?

This is a rare occasion for me to post 2 rants in a row. However, I wish this one was a good reason. Purple and I keep reviewing out the website works and what should change and what should not change. One of the changes that we are talking about right now is to close the forums. For those of you who are members on the forum already received my email about the possible closure, but for those of you who have not joined yet and want to, then now is the time. We will continue to think and pray about this, but the one thing that will save the forums is activity.

Have a good Friday. I hope to see you on the forums soon.