You know, I did say that I was tired of drawing ropes, lol.

This was so fun to do! I’ve been having various ideas of maybe I should do costume changes, maybe I should change hair, maybe I should do this or that. This was a direct result of such musings. I tend to agree with Pink though. I think the ladies turned out very cute in school uniforms.

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2 Rants in a row?

This is a rare occasion for me to post 2 rants in a row. However, I wish this one was a good reason. Purple and I keep reviewing out the website works and what should change and what should not change. One of the changes that we are talking about right now is to close the forums. For those of you who are members on the forum already received my email about the possible closure, but for those of you who have not joined yet and want to, then now is the time. We will continue to think and pray about this, but the one thing that will save the forums is activity.

Have a good Friday. I hope to see you on the forums soon.