This summer, Spam took me to a NASCAR race. Do you want to know what you do at a NASCAR event? You walk. And you walk. And you walk. And you walk. And did I mention that you walk? Then, you sit until your butt falls asleep and then you walk again. Needless to say, Spam and I enjoyed ourselves a lot at the race track. A lot of the people were very nice. We had multiple offers to share food, drinks and games and fun conversations surrounded us. The best part of the weekend: I received a temporary tattoo on my arm, got a sunburn and now that the tattoo has worn off, there is a lovely patch of pale skin shaped like a heart. I giggle every time I see it.

I tried something new with this last comic, which I won’t be trying again. So, I must again express: Please excuse any technical malfunctions.

Thank you!

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Day late and a dollar short.

The comic was a day late because of me. I went to the midnight showing of Batman and then we left the house for the day before I remembered to put this comic out. I am sorry for the delay.

One good thing though, the trailers that were attached to Batman are finally over. Let the real show begin. I was surprised with how many trailers that were attached to Batman. I know that there were about 5 one that the movie companies forced on the theaters and then there were about 5 more that the theater attached. The total time before we finally got to the main feature was about 30 minutes give or take 15.

It is kind of sad when someone asks, "How many trailers are attached to this movie?" and then there are 2 more trailers before the show begins. Over all though, Batman was worth the wait. I would suggest it for the younger kids, but it was a very well done movie. I have very few complaints and many more complements for this movie.

Well, I should get back to enjoying the weekend. I'll rant more later. Have a good weekend.