This one worked so much better in my mind than on paper. Please forgive my lack of skills to pull this one off. Grrrrrr..... It also doesn’t help that I was not feeling well for most of this comic. Blah.....

Now for the end of the chapter announcements!!! Since it is the end of a chapter, I will take the next two weeks off to solidify what is happening in the next chapter(s). I have some work to do too, because the next arc in the story was not in the original story, so this should be fun. Is everyone ready to go on an adventure with me?

As always, I’ll try to get an image or two to Spam to put up while we wait for the next chapter to start. If any of you guys have a fan art, send it to either Spam or I and we will be happy to put it up during this brief lull in the story.

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Happy Birthday QFB!!!!

It has been two years and the fun hasn't stopped!!! I would like to thank everyone again for reading this comic for the past 2 years. QFB has come a long way from it's origins, but I'll leave that reminiscing to Purple.

My track season is starting to wrap up, so I have a lot of things to do. I'll rant more when things "slow down" a little. Yeah, like that will ever happen. :)