I was so proud of myself. I drew this comic last Thursday night, and then I inked and colored it on Saturday. I was so proud of myself! It was done a tick on the early side. However, something kept nagging at me about the comic, like something wasn't right about the comic. I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong though and finally decided to just save the page and be done. Later on Saturday, I was going through chapter five again, making sure that my ends for the chapter were all tied up (since the chapter is ending veeeeeerrrrry soon) and found what was wrong with this page. Spam has his sword in panel five. I had given him the wrong sword. Whoops! *feels sheepish* I had given him Dragon Roar instead of Miro. Oy, oy, I need to work on my continuity....

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Happy Birthday QFB!!!!

It has been two years and the fun hasn't stopped!!! I would like to thank everyone again for reading this comic for the past 2 years. QFB has come a long way from it's origins, but I'll leave that reminiscing to Purple.

My track season is starting to wrap up, so I have a lot of things to do. I'll rant more when things "slow down" a little. Yeah, like that will ever happen. :)