It’s late....... I’m falling asleep..... But the comic is done!

Remind me not to pile the group on top of each other. Poor Tarhia’s being very squished right now, lol.

As I said on the forum, between the holiday, celebrating Dash and mine’s birthday and getting caught up in a really good book series, this will be the only comic this week.

Currently reading: Just finished chapter 160 of D.Gray Man

Currently listening to: The Gospel of John








Happy Birthday QFB!!!!

It has been two years and the fun hasn't stopped!!! I would like to thank everyone again for reading this comic for the past 2 years. QFB has come a long way from it's origins, but I'll leave that reminiscing to Purple.

My track season is starting to wrap up, so I have a lot of things to do. I'll rant more when things "slow down" a little. Yeah, like that will ever happen. :)