It was hard to start this one. My problem? I knew exactly how I wanted to end this comic, I was just a bit lost of where to begin. Please ignore the awful first panel and concentrate on the lovely third panel. :)

Usually when I make my comics, I bring out a bit of reference material to help me draw, such as other comics, manga, and reference shots. There have been comics where I have pulled out anywhere between five to ten books/images, making my work space very cluttered. I am proud to say that I got to dig out my own comic for reference on this page. *happy, happy, happy*

We’re quickly coming to the end of the chapter, can everyone believe it? I’ve got two, maybe three more pages left before we wrap up this part of the story. W00t!

I’ve had several visitors from the Risembool Ranger site, so here’s a great big welcome to all of my fellow Rangers! Thanks for stopping by!








Happy Birthday QFB!!!!

It has been two years and the fun hasn't stopped!!! I would like to thank everyone again for reading this comic for the past 2 years. QFB has come a long way from it's origins, but I'll leave that reminiscing to Purple.

My track season is starting to wrap up, so I have a lot of things to do. I'll rant more when things "slow down" a little. Yeah, like that will ever happen. :)