I have come to the conclusion that there will always be something that I do not like about a particular comic. And you know what? I hope that always stays the case. I hope that I never draw the absolute perfect comic, that I keep making errors and blunders with the art. Why? Because if I draw a perfect comic, what would be the point of continuing? I need the imperfections to keep pushing me, to keep studying, to keep moving forward.

(Someone remind me to read this rant when I am frustrated with my art, lol!)

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Thank you for breaks in the action. I am able to catch up a little bit again. The youth group that Purple and I lead just had their annual lock in that past Friday, and it was wonderful. I am still recovering a little, but it was worth it. The only reason that I was able to catch up with sleep was not having to go into work right away like normal. Like I said earlier, gotta love breaks.

However, even though I am catching up, I am afraid that I will be falling behind again because track season is hitting full bloom next week. This means more time taken from what I normally do. It will all work out in the end.

Well, I need to keep working on catching up or it won't happen. Thank you again for being a faithful follower of QFB!!