Well, it’s not completely done, but it’s better than nothing, right? (Please say yes!)

I really like how this comic is turning out, particularly the panels with Purplefire bringing up the campfire. *sigh of happiness* How often do I get to gush about how well certain panels turn out? Not enough.

I miss being able to do this on the blog, so here is a random ‘What Purplefire is doing’ list!

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Well, with everything that is going on at home, I really messed up this time. Purple had given me a post for last Friday, and I haven't put it up just yet. I will try to pry a couple of minutes from my day to post it this Friday. Yes, I am afraid that this week is probably going to be a one comic week due to her knee.

I would like to thank you all who has stuck with us this far. Please be patient with us as we try to get things back in order.