Lol, I am so out of practice for drawing Argoyle. At least he looks like he should in the final panel, eh?

On Friday, there will be a guest comic from Pinkentity! I have a big event with the youth group that Spam and I lead so Pink was gracious enough to give me a pretty picture to put up! Yea!









I would have liked to come up with a witty parody about being sick, but my mind is not functioning enough to create one. So, here are a couple of interesting facts about this week.

My attendance at work: 100% Physically
My attendance at Youth Group 0% (Yes, I missed it. Hopefully, I can make it to the function this week. Wish me luck.)
My attendance at work mentally: 50%
My luck for remembering things for Purple: about 0%
Why is it that I perform better at work than at home where it really matters?

Well, enough of me whining. Have a good week and weekend.