I figured out a shortcut to doing anime action lines!!!! Yea! I thought that I would be spending several hours trying to get the effect I was looking for, but I messed around with the filters on Photoshop and found a filter that gave me the effect I was looking for. I am so insanely relieved right now.

This comic took quite a bit of time to come together. I got stuck on drawing the first panel, then I got stuck on drawing the third panel, then I got stuck on drawing the fifth panel, then I got stuck on doing the line work on Photoshop…. I think that the only part that went fast was the forest background! Rather a 180 turnaround from two comics ago when I was banging my head on the wall because I could not figure out how to do nature. Three days later, after a headache and lots of studying, I finally have a finished comic. Hooray!









It seems like our little insurection is at an end, but it isn't ending because we have been squished with force. I am very proud of Purple for taking the chance and making QFB in color. *We get to serve platters of confetti and throw cookies from the balcony!* I know that it won't be easy, but I think that the end product is worth the effort.

It has been really cool to see the growth in her artwork from the first comics that she put out to what I have on my computer waiting to be posted. Yes, I get a slight preview, and I am quite enjoying it so far. Good job, Purple.

On a side note, it is time for football fans across the country to jump up and down. The next installment of the Super Bowl is just around the corner. I know that I'll be watching it to see if the New England Patriots can finalize their incredible, history making run. It has been quite impressive to see their accomplishments for the year. Congratulations, New England!

Happy Friday!!!