The end of yet another chapter! Woohoo!!!

There seems to be an uprising on the forums. Ever since I posted #118 in color, the forumers have been staging a revolt for more color comics. They even set up a poll to convince me to do more comics in color. Their options for the poll are hysterical: Do you want Alison to do two comics a week in black and white, one comic a week in color, or to post one new comic a week in color and to redo an old comic in color? Do I have an answer for everyone yet? ....... I’m still looking at the comic, trying to weigh if it is possible to do the comic in color because it means quite a bit more work for me. That, and I have no idea how to do backgrounds. *yikes*

As is tradition with all ending of chapters, I will be taking a small break to nail down what is going on in the next chapter. This is going to be the fun chapter because the next one was not in the original script. I’m still scripting things out, tossing ideas around, and expanding my character’s personalities. I’d say that everyone can look forward to a new chapter starting on around the first of February. We’ll also put up some filler sketches so that you guys don’t have to keep looking at this comic for almost two weeks.

Here’s to the next chapter! W00t!









I would like to first speak about the uprising that purple is referring to. It is not a rumor. You should go and check it out. Also, please vote on the poll that asks Purple to do a color comic on a regular basis. If you do not have an account on the forums it is pretty easy to create one. Purple or I will activate it as soon as possible. If you experience any problems getting in, please email me at BTW, I am looking forward to see the results of the poll.

So, how is everyone's resolutions going? Mine for the forums is still going pretty well. However, Purple did have to remind me once to get back on this past week. The other resolution, however, has not been going so well. With most resolutions I start strong, but then die off after a little while. This one did not even get off of the ground.

I am going to have to think my lifestyle through a little more to make time to exercise and get back in shape. Any ideas are welcome. You can either PM me in the forum (yes shameless forum plug number 2) or you can email me at

Until next time, have a great time!!!