The last panel took forever to come to fruition. I started this comic last Thursday and it took until Monday to finish. It did not want to come and be put down on paper, but I finally convinced it to cooperate with me.

Onto web comic business! I would like to thank everyone who has been voting for us on TWC and Buzz. Thank you! The extra votes really do make a difference! If you look up QFB on the top 100 Fantasy comics on Buzz, we’ve cracked the top 50! Hooray! So thank you if you take the time to vote!

On another note, the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards are fast approaching. It is sort of like the Oscars for the Web Comic community. Anyone with an online comic is eligible to nominate, and vote for the comics they want to bring recognition to. I registered to be able to cast my vote, so if you are a web comic artist or writer and have not checked out, go to the site, research what is going on and vote this year! Yea!









Hey everyone!!

Happy New year!!

I hope that everyone’s new year has started in a positive way.

I know that this is the time for everyone to make New Years Resolutions, and I am one of those who do that as well. I have two mail resolutions for this year. The first one is probably one of the most common resolutions, and that is to loose weight and exercise more. I need more of the exercise than anything, but I know that the weight will go down as I exercise more.

The other resolution is to come on the forums more often. This is one of those that I will need help with. If you are a member or join the forums and notice that I am not on at least once a week, please email me at and I’ll do my best to get on again as soon as I can.

On the forum note, I am looking for people to join the forums and make it active again. Purple and I like talking to each other, but it is more fun when we can get other people involved as well. I hope to see you all there.

Thank you for reading the comic and joining the forums.

Happy Friday!!!