Special thanks to Crystalorange for doing a guest comic today! Family issues came up, so Crystal graciously stepped up with a debut comic! Enjoy!










Did everyone sleep late today? Some sort of sluggish start of December lethargy? One kid missed the bus, the others were equally slow…

At the end of the year we are often asked to evaluate how our time was spent, make resolutions for next year, etc. Perhaps parents with more wisdom than I have experienced this, but it seems that this year most of my time this calendar year was not spent teaching or playing with my kids, but saying “supposed”.

“Last one in the bathroom is supposed to turn off lights, turn off the water and pick up their clothes.”
“Supper was over an hour ago. Who is supposed to sweep the floor and who is supposed to do the dishes?”
“When are you supposed to have that homework done?”
“We don’t scream at or slug our brothers and sisters. What are we supposed to do?”
“Who is supposed to take out the trash, and where is it supposed to go?”

Now according the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Carefully spell out the tasks your child must perform. Make sure she understands what is expected of her on a daily and weekly basis…” There are also recommendations for star charts, allowances, loss of privileges, evaluations to insure no child is getting overburdened, etc. Somehow, those options, even if effective, feel as exciting as filling out tax forms. I would like to do more with my kids than have a clipboard in my hands everyday. However, if they supposedly work…