As I look at my clock, yes it is still the twenty third of October, but not for long. It’s a late night for me, putting the comic together. I got distracted this afternoon from drawing the comic because I was playing a new video game. But, it got done, hooray!

I got a new toy last week. I am now the proud owner of a Wacom drawing tablet. *squee!* What it does is lets me use a special pen and I what I draw goes directly onto the computer. How nice is that? I’ve already noticed a huge difference between comic 100 and 101, mostly for how bright and clean 101 looks as compared with 100. I’m still getting used to the new toy, so the lines may be a little crazy for a while still.

Now for the serious stuff: My hard drive has begun to make a clicking noise. And all of the computer geeks out there just shuddered with sympathy. For those non computer geeks, this means that my hard drive is dying. So, I’m nursing my poor little computer along, scrambling to get all of our important stuff burned to disks and hoping that today is not the day that the whole hard drive crashes. What does that mean for the comic? Well, that means that QFB will be touch and go for the next few weeks. As long as the hard drive stays with me, I’ll keep putting out new comics, ok? I’ll try to find a way to tell everyone if my hard drive does suddenly crash on me and that will most likely be an announcement on the forums. Keep your fingers crossed everyone!









Happy 100th QFB!!!!

It is really cool to thing that it has made it this far in the story. I remember when the whole concept came up for this and back then it was very hard to think of what number 100 would look like. Now it is here, and for the record, I think that it looks great. I am very proud of the work that Purple has put into this project.

I would also like to take this time to thank all of you who faithfully read this comic. I look forward to the future of QFB and smile. :)

New rant starts here!

I actually wrote the above rant to go with Comic 100, but Blue takes priority especially when we asked him for a rant.

As Purple said in her rant, our computer is starting to get a tick. The last 2 times I have heard that noise, it has meant a new hard drive and a few stressful days with out a computer. I hope to avoid this for this time since the computer was so kind as to give us some warning ticks before it goes completely. Since this would be the 3 hard drive in this machine, I think we will have to think about pricing new ones out so it takes us a while to get a comic up, you can blame the paranoid tech person who is starting to develop a tick himself, me. :)

Again we are hoping for as little down time as possible. Have a great Wednesday!!